Holy Trinity (Batman)


Happy Holy Trinity Sunday!

(P.S. Today is Holy Trinity Sunday.)

As my Grandma B used to say, the Trinity is “a holy mystery.” Four years of seminary and seven years of pastoring have not given me much more to say about it.

We confess that God is Three in One and One in Three. We baptize and bless and forgive in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. But when we try to explain what exactly that means, we fail. Just try to preach a children’s sermon on the Trinity without being heretical. It’s basically impossible.

There’s nothing wrong with mystery. But sometimes we just can’t help trying to explain it away. For times like these, and in honor of Holy Trinity Sunday, please enjoy this Lutheran Satire video:



What’s your favorite mystery?


What’s your favorite explanation of the Trinity?


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