Music Monday: Delayed Reaction

I am not usually an early adopter–of technology, of fashion, of music, of . . . well, you get the idea.

Image from page 224 of "The Bell System technical journal" (1922)

But when I finally do check out a new (to me) band or TV show or style of yogurt, I am all in.

It was probably four years ago that several of my friends mentioned this Minnesota band called Cloud Cult. But I didn’t listen.

It was probably three years ago that I saw a newspaper article about the same band. I read it, and was intrigued, but still . . . I didn’t listen.

It was about a month ago that I happened to turn on NPR on my way home from dropping off the babysitter. I was instantly drawn into the story of Krista Tippett’s guest, even though Krista Tippett herself drives me up the wall. (Pro Tip: I know. I  know.) I loved the music, too.

Well, spoiler alert: the guest was Craig Minowa and the music was his band, Cloud Cult.

Check out the interview that did it for me here.

I have been loving Cloud Cult on many Monday mornings (and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday mornings) ever since. You can check out most of their stuff on Spotify. Here are a few of my favorites:

Breakfast with My Shadow:

You Were Born:


What are you listening to lately?

What do you wish you’d done / started listening to / discovered sooner?


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