Friday Fun: Marcel the Shell

Zoe and I had a Mankato matinee date yesterday. We saw Zootopia. It’s great! You should see it too if you haven’t already!

The best part–besides maybe the sloths–was the discovery at the end of the movie that Assistant Mayor Bellweather (a sheep) is played by Jenny Slate.

Image from page 30 of "Exotic conchology; or, Figures and descriptions of rare, beautiful, or undescribed shells, drawn on stone from the most select specimens .." (1821)

This delights me. Because, of course, Jenny Slate is also the voice of Marcel the Shell, who is my most favorite shell in all the land. (Pro Tip: “Only favorite” would also be accurate.)

If you haven’t seen Marcel the Shell, you are in for a treat. If you have seen Marcel, treat yourself again. Because it’s worth it.

This is my favorite Marcel the Shell video. I hope you love it, too.

What’s making you laugh today?


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