Time After

Image from page 26 of "The Cactaceae : descriptions and illustrations of plants of the cactus family" (1919)

Happy Sunday, dear ones!

Today is not Holy Trinity Sunday, or Pentecost Sunday, or any other festival Sunday with a Name.

Today we enter the Time after Pentecost. The long season where the world around us is green and the church paraments are, too. After the flurry of altar guild activity–paraments changed from green to red to white and back to green again–we settle in.

I love that this long season is called the Time after Pentecost. We often mark time this way–the Time after College, Time after Marriage, Time after Kids.

Really, all of our time is the Time after Pentecost. And this is comforting–no matter what we do or don’t do, God’s work of creating, redeeming, and making holy is already done for us. We are living in the Time After.

A green season. A growing season. For corn and soybeans and for us, too.

Image from page 461 of "Phycologia Britannica, or, A history of British sea-weeds : containing coloured figures, generic and specific characters, synonymes, and descriptions of all the species of algae inhabiting the shores of the British Islands" (1846)

What is growing where you are?




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2 responses to “Time After

  1. Jennifer Olsztynski

    Love that you are blogging again. Beautiful thoughts today.

    Crazy about that little snail too!


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