Caftan Ready!

Image from page 1299 of "Programme" (1881)

Not a caftan but still pretty fab.


 One of my friends shared this article yesterday: How to Get Your Body Caftan-Ready for Summer. (It is a delightful article. Please go read it and come right back!) She commented:

“I think, as an artist that lives in Berkeley, perhaps I could just ONLY wear caftans from now on. I’m looking into it.”

Pro Tip: As a pastor that lives in rural Minnesota, this is probably not the case for me. But I love the spirit behind it: instead of worrying about whether or not your body is “bikini-ready”, know that it is already “caftan-ready”.  Because here’s what you have to do to have a caftan-ready body:

  1. Buy a caftan.
  2. Wear it.
  3. End of list.

Wear what you want to wear this summer. Be comfortable in your clothes and be comfortable in your body, because you are a precious child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made.

Image from page 28 of "Illustrated fashion catalogue : summer, 1890" (1890)

What makes you comfortable?



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2 responses to “Caftan Ready!

  1. an Veseth

    Maggie, you have given me great joy with the return of your blog. I look forward to it EVERY SINGLE DAY. This, oh this one…I wish I had known you thirty years ago, forty years ago….twenty years ago. I hear, in your words, Jesus whispering…you are my beloved child…just as you are. How could I not have heard that before? Thank you, thank you.


    • Oh, Jan. Thank you so much! It is a joy to be writing again. And I think no matter how many times we’ve heard it before, we have to keep hearing it, again and again. (I know I do.)


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