Minnesota Nice: Schmidt’s Bakery

Men making donuts at the Sugar Crest Donuts Company in Portland, Oregon

When we moved to Saint James, we bought the very first house our realtor showed us.

There was really no question. Despite the retro carpet, the wallpaper everywhere, and the lack of central air, Mike and I immediately fell in love.

Besides the house itself (a 104-year-old beauty), I liked the location. I liked that there were sidewalks on both sides. I liked that there were kids in the neighborhood. And I liked that it was a short walk to church, the library, and . . . Schmidt’s Bakery.

When she learned that we were moving to her hometown, our friend K immediately said, “Have a Schmidt’s donut for me!” We have done so, many, many times. Donuts and bear claws and Mexican bakery treats. Monster cookies and the best frosted cut out cookies you’ve ever had. (Pro Tip: Most people are partial to the pumpkin-shaped cookies, which appear after a long, cookie-less summer. I am partial to the turkey-shaped. With sprinkles.) It’s practically our duty to try them all.

Yesterday, as I’m sure you’re aware, was National Donut Day. (Pro Tip: Is this a great country or what?) Of course, we had to celebrate. There wasn’t much left by the time Zoe, Leo, and I rolled into the bakery at ten to nine. But we did all right:

donut day

A cream-filled for Zoe, a sour cream old-fashioned for Leo, a jelly donut for me.

And, please note that poster featuring what Zoe called an “American donut”, urging one and all to “Join the Donut Party.” In this troubling political time, I think  this is a message I can get behind. Donuts for president?

What’s your favorite bakery treat?


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