Celebrating Big and Small

There’s something wonderful about Small.

In my first call, one Sunday there were only about fifteen or twenty of us there for worship. After worship we all crammed around one round table for coffee and treats. We laughed as we took a picture. We celebrated Small.

There’s also something wonderful about Big.

Yesterday, we had a big turnout at church. Run out of bulletins Big. Slip into the sacristy (Pro Tip: that’s a churchy word for Where We Keep and Set Up the Candles and Communion Ware and Stuff) for more communion wine Big.

My colleague listened to my sermon, looked around at all those people, and said, “We’re having an anthem call.” (Pro Tip: That’s a thing he just made up.) “Pastor Maggie’s sermon ties in really well with one of the Praise Singers’ favorite songs. There are a bunch of Praise Singers here today. So, come on up, Praise Singers, and we’ll sing ‘Hear, O Lord.'”

And up came the Praise Singers. And we sang what our wonderful choir director calls one of our “heart songs.” It’s a simple song but one well known and well loved. People clapped at the end. (Pro Tip: Scandinavian Midwestern Lutherans are not big clappers as a rule.) We were celebrating Big.

I looked for a version of this song on YouTube, and was surprised to learn that most of them feature steel drums. So, I guess we can all aspire to Steel Drum Big one day.

What big or small things are you celebrating today?



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2 responses to “Celebrating Big and Small

  1. I actually got to church on Sunday!


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