Lutheran Lullaby

pregnant maggie

2013: Mama and Zoe (and Leo), six weeks after his in utero Beautiful Savior dance party.

Three years ago, I was at a worship service with about 600 other Lutherans.

It was the closing worship service of our Southwestern Minnesota Synod assembly. (Pro Tip: Once a year, people from all the ELCA churches in a given area get together to learn, worship, and do the business of being church together.)

I was seven months pregnant with Leo. And as we sang Beautiful Savior, that baby danced along with great in utero joy. (Pro Tip: I mean, I assume.) Surrounded by the heavenly sound of all those Lutherans singing in harmony, swaying to the music that my baby was dancing to–it was one of those moments. Lovely, and holy, and sweet.

Now, Beautiful Savior is Leo’s bedtime song. He puts his head on your shoulder while you sway and sing the first verse. In the last few months, he’s started to sing along. No matter how hectic the day has been–no matter how crazy or cranky either of us have been–we breathe deep and we sway and we sing and we get another one of those moments. Lovely, holy, sweet.

Tomorrow, I head back to St. Peter for the 2016 assembly. I will miss a few precious bedtimes. But I will carry with me the sweetness of Beautiful Savior with my baby boy, and it will make singing with all those Lutherans even more lovely, holy, and sweet.


Image from page 579 of "St. Nicholas [serial]" (1873)

I won’t pack this much stuff. (Probably.)

What song are you singing this week?




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2 responses to “Lutheran Lullaby

  1. Lovely, Maggie, thank you! I will admit to feeling envious of having such a bond … 🙂


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