Treasure Everywhere

In a bold, controversial move, I will say that Calvin and Hobbes is a classic comic strip and one of my favorites. The strip above is featured in one of the collections I had as a child, There’s Treasure Everywhere. It’s pretty great, right?

There’s treasure everywhere.

This is something we know as children but tend to forget as adults. Zoe is always bringing me a cool rock, a tiny flower, a handful of dandelions. Leo grins and points and jumps up and down every time we pass a squirrel or a school bus or a train. 

Every day, I drive the same way home from church. But this week was the first time I noticed this:

pretty tree

It took my breath away. I sat at the stop sign longer than necessary so I could keep enjoying that glorious green and that beautiful bloom. I thought all the flowering trees were done, but I was wrong. This one was waiting, a gorgeous reminder that there’s treasure everywhere.

Where have you found treasure this week?


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