Ask Me (#swmn2016)

It has begun.

Right now, hundreds of Lutherans are converging on Gustavus Adolphus College. Ready to learn. Ready to worship. Ready to vote. Ready to drink coffee. (Pro Tip: All the coffee.)

I’m ready, too. Right now, I’ve got this binder handy and I’m wearing this lovely name tag / Ask Me button combo:


So, now’s your chance: ask me! What question has been bugging you lately? What are you wondering about or wishing for? Or, what do you think the weirdest / silliest / most common question will be for me and the rest of the assembly planning team this weekend? Ask me!

Want more? You can follow along on the livestream or by following the hashtag #swmn2016 on social media for the next few days. It might be interesting; it might be boring; it might be incomprehensible; it might be fun. Come and see!



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