Three Things That Are Better When You Don’t Know All the Words

“I’ve been to church in Norwegian!” my friend S reported. (We were having one of those wonderful conversations where this was not even a non sequitur.)

“I could only understand about 3/4 of the sermon. Which is, for this agnostic, liberal type, a relief.” (Pro Tip: She then assured me that if it were my sermon, she would hang on every word. Which is what everyone else does on Sunday mornings, I am sure.)

I laughed, but I knew what she meant. Some things are better when you can’t understand all the words. For example:

1. Keanu Reeves. Remember that guy? When I was in college, I watched Point Break with my host family in Mexico. They had such confidence in my Spanish ability that they put on the dubbed version. Fortuitously, this meant that we did not have to listen to Keanu’s actual voice. Once the limitation of his voice and his acting ability are out of the way–hey, it turns out the reason Keanu was a movie star is because he’s pretty cute.


2. Love It Or List It. I always enjoyed watching this show at my parents’ house. (Pro Tip: That’s where they keep the HGTV.) Then I went through a period of gym membership, and it turns out that the gym is another place they keep the HGTV. Out of consideration for my fellow ellipitcal / treadmill users, I watched my shows with no volume. Guess what? The subtitles make the annoying personalities of these shows much more bearable!

shed for you

This is not me serving communion, but you get the idea. Photo credit: Ian Graue.

3. Hymns during communion. I got to serve communion at our big synod assembly worship service last Friday. It will not surprise you to learn that serving communion is my favorite. However, since I was continuously pouring wine and saying, “The blood of Christ, shed for you,” I was not able to sing the wonderful communion hymns. (Pro Tip: Hymn singing is also my favorite.) This was disappointing at first, but then it was gorgeous. I couldn’t sing along, so I got to listen to the sound of hundreds of Lutherans raising their voices in effortless harmony. So beautiful it took my breath away.

What would you add to the list?


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