Minnesota Nice: Odin

First of all: how can you not love a town named Odin? (Pro Tip: You simply cannot.)

This town of 106 is just south of Saint James. It’s home to the Odin Craft Mill–a wonderful event that runs twice a year and is probably a lot more fun if you don’t bring your very active daughter. If you do bring her, you should at least avoid giving her a wooden magic wand and then taking her to the Christmas ornament room. Not that I am speaking from personal experience at all.


Odin Grocery and Cafe, 2015.

The more kid friendly aspects of Odin are the Odin Grocery and Cafe (because ice cream) and the brand new playground (because slides). Since Odin is near Ormsby, where Mike works, we met there last year for Leo’s birthday lunch. Nothing fancy, but a nice change of pace.


Leo, July 31 2015.

But the best thing about Odin is its fire department. Or, rather, its fire department fundraiser. After church on Sunday, we headed down to Odin for hamburgers, potato salad, beans, chips, lemonade, and ice cream sundaes.

And in case you’re wondering how many people drive out to a tiny town to eat hamburgers and ice cream on a summer Sunday–the answer is many. (Pro Tip: What? Did you think I counted?) The fire hall was packed and everyone was eating and smiling and having a good time.

And, we were doing it for a good cause. Eating those ice cream sundaes was like doing our civic duty, people.

So, thank you, Odin. But also: you’re welcome.


Living large in Odin, June 2016.

Where have you been exploring (or enjoying ice cream) lately?



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2 responses to “Minnesota Nice: Odin

  1. One set of my husband’s great grandparents were from Norway. They named their son, his grandfather, Odin. Guess what, they lived in Minnesota!


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