On Toilet Paper, Poetry, and Peaches

Before Mike and I got married, we worried about money. (Pro Tip: Now that Mike and I are married, we still worry about money sometimes.)

I wasn’t too far removed from my Lutheran Volunteer Corps year, so I had some experience living on a small budget. “We can do waffles or pancakes and canned peaches for dinner!” I declared, recalling an easy, frugal meal from LVC.

Image from page 954 of "The Ladies' home journal" (1889)

Mike looked at me gravely (in the same way, also before we were married, he looked at me when he said, “My house is a Quilted Northern house”). “But I don’t like canned peaches,” he said quietly.

To this day, Mike’s house is a Quilted Northern house. And to this day, while the rest of us enjoy Grandma Lexi’s delicious home canned peaches, Mike abstains.

Even though Mike doesn’t like them, I’ve come to regard peaches (canned or otherwise) with a special fondness. In my mind, they are forever linked to the early days of our life together–to learning how to be a team. (Pro Tip: I’ve come to regard Quilted Northern with fondness, too.)

Wherever you land on the Peach Appreciation Spectrum, please enjoy the sweetness (Pro Tip: See what I did there?) of this peachy poem:

Peaches–Six in a Tin Bowl, Sarajevo

If peaches had arms
surely they would hold one another
in their peach sleep

And if peaches had feet
it is sure they would
nudge one another
with their soft peachy feet

And if peaches could
they would sleep
with their dimpled head
on the other’s
each to each

Like you and me

And sleep and sleep

–Sandra Cisneros

Image from page 79 of "Armstrong Nurseries" (1951)

Of course the Peach Appreciation Spectrum is a thing. Where do you fall on it?



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3 responses to “On Toilet Paper, Poetry, and Peaches

  1. Jennifer Olsztynski



  2. I love canned peaches! I was forced to buy Tide for years, as my husband insisted. But, in the dark days of early parenthood money shortages, I bought less expensive All and found it was just as good. He tried it. It was. He and I moved on!

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    • I can take or leave the canned peaches (although Grandma Lexi’s are really good). I do buy Tide, though! It is one of my few brand loyalties. But I did use All in college. Maybe I should try it again . . .


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