To MKE with LOVE


Milwaukee: the center of the universe.

“You’re going to Milwaukee!”

So proclaimed the confirmation email from Air BnB.

Of course, I already knew I was going to Milwaukee. But reading that exuberant proclamation made my heart flip flop with joy.

As I’ve mentioned, Milwaukee is the city of my heart. It’s the place I started figuring out how to be a grown up: how to cook, how to make a budget, how to organize my life. It’s the place I discerned my call to ordained ministry (as we say at the seminary). It’s the place I fell in love.

I truly love my rural Minnesota life. But I love dipping my toes back into the waters of my Milwaukee life, too. This weekend, my four family is hitting the road. Along with my LVC housemate K and her husband and baby, we’re visiting our very favorite Susan and Judy.

We’ll stay at the aforementioned Air BnB in the Riverwest neighborhood, where I spent two wonderful post-LVC years. Our plans include frozen custard, and beach time, and park time, and . . . that’s about it.

road trip

Road Trip! (Betty Brinn  Children’s Museum, Milwaukee, July 2012)

Vacations with small children are different than vacations without them. (Pro Tip: Obviously.) The demands of nap time and bed time and meal times and melt down times mean there is only so much else you can do. Luckily, this is just fine with me, because:

1. I am not a big itinerary completer on vacation. Even without kids, my ideal vacation is pretty low key. It’s down time, and reading time, and looking forward to dinner as soon as we’re finished with lunch.

2. No matter what we do or don’t do, the company will be fantastic. My traveling companions are my three most favorite people in all the land. The people we are traveling to see are pretty near the top of the list, too. Even if all we do is eat meals, deal with meltdowns, and put our kids to bed, we will be together. And it will be. The. Best.

 What are your favorite places?


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