Top Ten Tuesday: Portrait of a Reader

It’s that time again, dear people: Top Ten Tuesday time! This week’s topic is Ten Facts About Me. (Pro Tip: I did not come up with this topic myself, I swear.) Also, since I am a Midwestern Lutheran, I only came up with five facts about myself.

So, take a peek at these facts about me as a reader, and then click on over to The Broke and the Bookish to see what other fun facts you can learn. Happy reading!

1. I’m a serial monogamist. When I’m reading a book, I am reading a book. None of this three books at a time business for me: I’d rather immerse myself in one world and one world only. The term in college that I took three literature classes–one in Spanish–was not my best idea ever.

2. When I’m in, I’m all in. I cannot skim. I cannot skip words I don’t know. This is why I have never read Moby Dick and why I could not read Don Quijote in Spanish.

Model Reading - Sarasota

3. I reread. Not everything. The very best books (Persuasion); the comfort food books (also Persuasion, actually, and also I Capture the Castle); the books I remember loving but can’t remember much else about (right now, Girl in Landscape). Great mystery novels. (Pro Tip: When enough time has passed, you may even forget that you’ve read the book, so you feel very smart when you solve the mystery early.)

4. If the writing is good, I will read just about anything. Mysteries, science fiction, young adult, memoir, nonfiction. Good is good.

5. If the story is good, I will (try to) overlook the writing. The Divergent trilogy. Okay, I guess the story doesn’t have to be that good. (See #2.)

Are any of these true for you? What are your “reading facts”?


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13 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Portrait of a Reader

  1. Juni Desireé

    I definitely find number 3 true for me. Love rereading books.

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    • I love it, too! They are either old friends, or I have totally forgotten them so they seem brand new. Win / win.


      • Juni Desireé

        So good. Although, sometimes when I read books from my childhood, it’s definitely not as good since I don’t identify with the characters as much. But still fun!


  2. Helen Gratz

    I bring three books home from the library, but read only one at a time. Summer reading is fun….romance and stuff…don’t have to think about it too much!

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  3. NUMBER 2! I have never understood people when they say they skim something. I cannot do that at all. Sometimes I will be so excited and I can’t help jumping ahead a few sentences, but I always go back to the sentence I was on and read the whole thing. I am also a re-reader, though of ridiculous proportions. There aren’t many books that I wouldn’t re-read (or shows I wouldn’t re-watch!). And yay for an I Capture the Castle mention 🙂

    My TTT.

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    • YES! I do get excited and skip ahead, but I, too, always go back. When I commuted between Chicago and Milwaukee (Pro Tip: Not recommended), I listened to a lot of audio books, but for the most part I listened to books I’d already read. Otherwise I was too anxious about missing a word!


  4. I’m with you with only reading one book at a time. I just can’t read multiple books at once…It’s just too much for me! Great Top Ten! 😀
    Wow, it’s awesome that you were named after Alyssa Milano! I loved watching who’s the boss growing up! Great Top Ten! 😀
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

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  5. I am also a serial monogamist with books, reading multiple books at once just isn’t for me, though having said that, if they are in different formats (like one is an e-book and one is physical), I can manage.
    My TTT:


  6. Curious Daisy

    I’m currently living in Spain and learning Spanish. My goal is to learn it so well that I can actually read Don Quijote. We’ll see how that goes 😀

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