Saturn Remembered

Today, we say goodbye to our 2001 Saturn.

When we said goodbye to my sweet little Nissan Sentra, lo these many years ago, I made Mike take a bunch of pictures with me and the car. I loved that Sentra. We got rid of it because we were moving to Chicago and only needed one car (a bigger, better Nissan). It was the right decision but I was sorry to see it go.

nissan goodbye

Goodbye, Sentra (2008).

The Saturn–an economical choice when our bigger, better Nissan was totaled–has never inspired such devotion. Right now, it is impressively loud. The windshield is cracked. The left side mirror doesn’t match. The struts are rusting off. It’s . . . a 2001 Saturn. What can I say?

So, there will be no Saturn photo shoots this afternoon. I won’t be sorry to see this vehicle go. But last night, I started thinking about how this car has served us over the last eight years:

This car brought both our babies home from the hospital for the first time.

It took me, in labor with Leo, to the hospital at an infuriatingly law abiding pace at 4 AM.

This car took us from our seminary apartment in Chicago to our first home in Litchfield.

It took us on road trips, shopping trips, and vacations. It carried me up and down country roads and to hospital visits in the Cities. It took us to work and church and school.

For eight years, our Saturn got us where we needed to go. And if we were late, it was (almost never) the Saturn’s fault.

Well done, good and faithful Saturn. Well done.

Zoe saturn

Hello, Saturn (2009).

Tell us about the car you have loved most.



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2 responses to “Saturn Remembered

  1. The 2001 Dodge Stratus went away recently. I admit I shed a tear and gave it a salute. And blogged about it, of course!

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