Big Words

Check out the books Zoe chose for bedtime last night:


First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the variety:

1. A wonderfully weird William Steig. In which a pig meets a talking bone. Why? I don’t know. As the bone says, “I didn’t make the world.”

2. A beautiful and interactive book about mixing colors. From the author of Press Here. Just delightful.

3. A lovely biography of Martin Luther King, Junior. Truly, the pictures are gorgeous and the text is, too. A great introduction to the Civil Rights movement for young readers. 

I have to say, this MLK book (Martin’s Big Words) gets me every time. Here are the lines that do it:

Martin said “love” when others said “hate.”

He said “together” when others said “separate.”

He said “peace” when others said “war.”

We still need these big words. We need to be the voice that says love; the voice that says together; the voice that says peace.

The voices that say “hate” and “separate” and “war” are really loud right now. Let’s be louder. With our words and with our actions, let’s speak love and togetherness and peace.

N_98_7_ 69  MLK Durham 1958

What big words are encouraging you today?


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One response to “Big Words

  1. Liz L.

    I hear ya on those particular big words trying to be louder than the others. It’s been sort of frightening as of late, all this hate.


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