Practically Perfect


Don’t feed the plants!

I’ve always loved theater. Best Friend Sarah and I were the writers, directors, actors, and marketers behind The Curved Curtain Theater. (I’m sure you’ve heard of it.) We took classes and performed in children’s theater productions.

In high school I did costumes and speech team. At church, I performed in many excellent Vacation Bible School skits. And of course I’ve been a great audience member all my life.

Ever since I moved to small town Minnesota, I’ve thought about community theater. But I was always leading a mission trip or having a baby or putting the baby to bed.

Until, last summer, I wasn’t. I did miss more kid bedtimes than I wanted to (because, pro tip: the number of kid bedtimes I want to miss is zero), but thanks to Mike’s graciousness, I made my glorious return to the stage in Little Shop of Horrors as Customer Number Two.

This summer, it’s Mary Poppins. Zoe and I are both in it. It is, as always, more late nights than I would like. But, dear people, it is so, so worth it. Zoe runs into the theater every night. She chats with her kindergarten teacher and other adults she knows and plays with friends from school. She spells Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (with varying levels of success) all day long.

I don’t come running, but my experience is pretty much the same: being with friends and making new friends and spelling and singing throughout the day. There is just something special about being a part of community theater. It’s not just the theater part (though that is great); it’s the community part, too: I love seeing our retired church choir director hamming it up as Miss Andrew, the Holy Terror. I love seeing kids I taught in confirmation transform themselves into statues and chimney sweeps and toys. I love watching my friend K oversee the whole sprawling production with humor and grace.


If you are on the fence about trying something new: try it. You may be surprised by how supercalifragilistic it turns out to be.

And if you are anywhere near Saint James next Thursday, Friday, or Saturday: come see the show! It will be practically perfect in every way. (July 28, 29, and 30 at 7 PM at the Little Theater. Don’t miss it!)

zoe poppins

Zoe is not a chimney sweep, but she tried out the choreography anyway.

Where are you finding supercalifragilistic these days?


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July 20, 2016 · 11:01 AM

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  1. Katie Wojtalewicz

    Be still, my heart!


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