Unidentified woman in Sarasota reading about winter storms up North

It was a blisteringly hot, humid day in 1993. But Mrs. Artabasy’s teeth chattered as she wrapped a beach towel around her shoulders, shivered dramatically, looked at a classroom full of stunned and sweaty seventh graders, and said, “I’m freezing.”

She was one of the kookiest, quirkiest teachers I ever had. (Pro Tip: And also one of the most beloved.) She crafted music shows in which her students sang and danced to the Beatles and Billy Joel and loved doing it. And on a miserably muggy day, she showed us how to keep cool: fake it.

We all practiced shivering. We all said, “Brrrrrr.” And, you know what? It almost worked for a minute.

Today is another hot and humid and just plain gross day in the Midwest. I believe there are three perfectly sensible responses:

1. Pray for those who are truly struggling in this heat and humidity. Those without air conditioning; those who must work outside; those who have asthma or other health conditions that make this weather dangerous for them.

2. Complain. As Minnesotans, it is our right to complain about heat and humidity and ice and snow and cold. Lean into it, people.

3. Fake yourself cool. Think of February. Think of sledding. Think of snow. Make your teeth chatter and “Brrrrrr” the heat away. You never know: it just might work.

19. desember - December 19

What are your strategies for beating the heat?


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One response to “Brrrrr

  1. Cold iced tea, an air conditioner, and don’t ever go outside! (If only that could be so!)


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