Survey Says: Guilt and Floss and Family Feud

FSU freshmen playing bridge in Tallahassee

The Fox’s Pizza Den in Madelia has it all:

They have, of course, delicious pizza and stromboli.

They have a popcorn machine.

They have games.

As we waited for our pizza and stromboli last week, we munched on popcorn and busted out a box of Family Feud game cards. Zoe decided to read the questions. I decided that the positive (reading practice) outweighed the negative (reading questions like, “What is a cocktail that is also a person’s name?”). Although, Pro Tip: Knowing what a Tom Collins is–heck, knowing what a cocktail is–will totally give you a head start in second grade.

It was all fun and games (see what I did there?) for a while. Cocktails with people names; things in your kitchen you couldn’t live without. Then, Zoe pulled this card out of the box:

family feud 2

Holy buckets, Family Feud. From cocktails and kitchen appliances straight to the heart.

The answers are not surprising, although I might have expected “significant other” to be a closer second to “parents” than it was. I laughed when I saw that “dentist” made the cut, but I totally get it. (And if you’re reading this, Dr. Pitcher, of course I’m flossing and using that mouthwash.)

The one that got me, though, was the fourth answer. The three honest people who said, “I feel most guilty lying to myself.” Zoe wondered how that kind of lying was possible, and it was all too easy for me to come up with a list:

“I’ll exercise / eat healthy / start that project tomorrow.”

“I’ll just watch one episode of Jessica Jones.

“I don’t need help.”

“I’m over it.”

It’s hard to be honest all the time–with our parents, our partners, our children, our friends, our dentists, ourselves. It’s hard, but it’s also easier and less exhausting in the long run. So let’s do our best to be honest, and let’s be gentle, with others and with ourselves.

Besides, while we’re being honest: your dentist already knows.

Keep your teeth clean (LOC)

Who do you feel most guilty lying to?





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2 responses to “Survey Says: Guilt and Floss and Family Feud

  1. Jan Veseth

    Maggie, I get the email with the beginning of the blog. I always then link to read the ‘rest of it’…but if I didn’t, today I surely would have, cause the last line of the email says..’.then Zoe pulled THIS (emphasis mine) card out of the box’…well, I nearly fell over myself to get to the rest of the blog! Well done! My dad is 86 (I am almost 58) and I still feel guilty about lies of omission, even if I do it so he won’t worry.


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