Balloon Drops for President

I’ve been too busy Poppinsing (Pro Tip: of course it’s a word!) this week to catch much of the Democratic National Convention. Luckily, I have the internet to keep me up to date on the most important moments of the week.

For example, the balloon drop.

Seriously, friends, click on that link right now for all the Clinton balloon drop GIFs and memes you never knew you needed. They are truly delightful.

The photos are pretty great, too. For example:

clinton balloon



Of course, seeing grown ups–especially grown ups who have been or who hope to be president–getting this excited over balloons is pretty funny. But to me, this is also a sort of People magazine, “Stars! They’re Just Like Us!” moment. Because, let’s be honest: balloons are the best! And a balloon drop? Which is basically a thing where it rains balloons? Even better.

So, dear people, today I wish you balloon drops. And failing balloon drops (since, sad to say, most of us will probably not be experiencing one of those today), I wish you wonder, and joy, and delight.

And, while we’re wishing, maybe just one or two balloons to bat around.

What’s making you laugh or giving you joy today?



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One response to “Balloon Drops for President

  1. You are right. They sure seem to be having a great time with the balloons. But, to tell the truth, if you put me with that many balloons I would probably be having a grand old time myself!


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