Show Biz Souvenirs

Me: You can keep your headband, Zoe. Do you want to take a star stick, too?

Zoe: We get to take things?

Me: Well, not all the things. Just the things they offered.

Zoe: What else are they offering?

Don’t worry, fellow Poppins people: all the other props and costumes are right where they should be (which means, not at our house). We only took our chatterbox headbands and our star sticks, but we came away with a lot more:

We came away with songs that are still running through our heads (and spilling out of our mouths.)

We came away with new friendships and deeper friendships.

We came away with sweet memories of singing and dancing together.

We came away with joy.


It is a relief to be done. No more crazy late nights, no more sweating in crazy Victorian costumes, no more worrying over the crazy choreography for Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. (Some of our attempts were really quite atrocious.)

It’s a relief, but we’d do it again. (Pro Tip: We probably will do it again.)  I am so thankful to have another place, and another set of people, that feel like home for Zoe and me. So thanks for the memories, Mary Poppins, and thanks for the fun. And thanks for the fabulous headbands. We will wear them with pride.

star sticks

What are some of your favorite memories–from childhood, from this summer, from whenever?

P.S. This song was in my head the whole time I was writing this. You, too?


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