Birthday Road Trip

Leave it to Zoe to get right to the point when describing this (long) weekend’s adventure:

“We’re going to a birthday party, but it’s really far away.”

It’s true! Sister Claire’s Phip (Pro Tip: That’s Philip to some) is turning one, and Zoe and Leo and I are heading to the party. (It’s Mike’s turn to stay home and work / relax / eat mall pretzels.) Along the way, we’ll spend the afternoon in La Crosse and the night in a “deluxe” campground cabin. We’ll eat a lot of snacks and those of us not driving will watch a lot of movies.

There will be whining. There will be weeping. But in the end, there will be joy. And cupcakes. (Pro Tip: Joy and cupcakes are practically the same thing.)

Happy birthday, sweet Phip! We are on our way.


Fourth birthday party of Israel Schiadoski - Havana, Cuba

This is the kind of party we are expecting. Phip, take note.


What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?



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3 responses to “Birthday Road Trip

  1. marilyn lux

    It should be a fantastic weekend! xxoo


  2. Phip's mommy

    Yay! We can’t wait to have you here. Thanks for making the long journey!


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