Home Away from Home

train time

Train ride! 

We had a wonderful road trip to Illinois this weekend. The fun included: a visit to the La Crosse children’s museum; an old-fashioned ice cream parlor; a KOA cabin with bunkbeds, a jumping pad, and a pool; a commuter train ride, lunch, and library exploration with family; a dinner date with friends one night; a sprinkler and pool play date the next morning; and sweet Phip’s first birthday party. Truly, it was a wonderful getaway.

It was just as wonderful to arrive home last night. “We’re finally in the right town!” Zoe said as we pulled into Saint James. “Go to Daddy!” Leo said. And we were, and we did, and it was very good.

I always like to hear what the stand out moments are for my kids after a trip. Here is Zoe’s:

library love

Yep. The thing Zoe is still talking about three days later is a conversation with a children’s librarian at the Wilmette Public library.

Zoe was fascinated by the display cases in the children’s department–they were filled with collections of My Little Ponies, Polly Pockets, and other treasures, so of course she was fascinated. And in between helping other library patrons, the librarian graciously chatted with Zoe about it all.

“I liked talking to her!” Zoe said this morning. “She was so nice! I hope we can see her again at Thanksgiving!”

My girl has always been a big library / librarian fan. It makes my heart happy to see her so at ease and so joyful in a library, whether it’s in our town or on the road. One more place, wherever she goes, that she will feel welcome, and happy, and at home.

So, keep it up, librarians. You have fans everywhere.

Where do you feel at home?



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