Better Together

Look what popped up in my The Eye of Facebook Sees All (Pro Tip: “On This Day”) today:


Caption from 2013: “She’s really good at giving him his pacifier.”

Caption from 2016: “My babies! They were so little! And now they’re so big! They are so beautiful! I need to give them the biggest hugs tonight!”


I knew that I wanted to have a second child for my own selfish reasons. (Including, but not limited to, getting people to stop asking, “When are you going to have another one?”) I knew I would love reading and singing and talking and playing with our new baby. I knew I would love watching him learn and grow. I knew he would bring more joy, more wonder, more crazy into our lives.

I did not know–as silly as it sounds now–how much I would love watching my children learn and grow together. I didn’t know how sweet and lovely it would be to see the love Zoe and Leo have for each other. I didn’t know that in addition to the joy of Zoe, and the joy of Leo, there would be the joy of siblings.


June 2015–Big sister reading to little brother

Zoe is a great big sister. I know she is much nicer to Leo than I ever was to Sister Claire. She really was good at giving Leo his pacifier, and she is still good at giving him comfort and attention and care. She makes him laugh; she shares her stuff; she makes him a partner and a friend.

Leo is a great little brother. He brings Zoe drinks and snacks; he gazes at her adoringly; he hugs her at the end of the day; he laughs at her jokes even when he has no idea why they’re funny. (Pro Tip: Sometimes, they are not funny.)

I am thankful for all the joy and wonder and crazy that Zoe and Leo have brought into our lives. I am thankful for all the joy and wonder and crazy that they bring to each other. We  are messier and louder and crazier, but mostly, we are better together.


August 2016–Leo climbs into Zoe’s chair and she does not mind.

If you have a sibling or siblings, what is one of your best or worst memories with them?

If you don’t have a sibling, who do you have getting you snacks and laughing at your jokes?


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