Minnesota Nice: Butterfield Threshing Bee

train waiting

Waiting for the train. Look at that lean of anticipation!

I was mostly in it for the train ride.

Sure, I love tractors and steam engines as much as the next person (Pro Trip: Depending, of course, on how much the next person loves them), but it was the promise of a train ride in the park that convinced me to load the kids in the car and head over to Butterfield for the 50th annual Butterfield threshing bee.

Well, the train ride exceeded my expectations. For seventy-five cents each, we got to hang out in the depot, tell the ticket taker our imaginary destination (Zoe chose Unicornia), ride through a tunnel, and take in the sights and sounds of the bee. I bought enough tickets for two rides and we loved each one.

But there was so much more:

There were ice cream cones (one dollar) sold from the window of the old drug store.

There was sweet corn (also one dollar) steamed by an actual steam engine.

There was lefse (ten cents a taste!) hot off the stove.

Our whole family had a wonderful time exploring “pioneer village”, marveling at the power of steam engines, checking out tractors, and eating food served by the county historical society and the Butterfield Lions Club. (Hot dogs and beef commercials and popcorn, oh, my!)

There were no rides besides the train. There were no games; no prizes with a five dollar minimum to “win”. Just good old-fashioned (muddy) fun.


train joy

What is your favorite simple summer adventure?

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