Back to School Joy

“I’m tired of playing all day. I want to learn things again.”

That’s my Zoe, who went off to second grade with a big grin on Tuesday:

back to bus.jpg

She couldn’t tell me her favorite part of the first day because “everything was so awesome.” That’s my Zoe, too: when she’s in, she’s all in. She has more “best day[s] ever” than anyone I know. Her joy and enthusiasm for life and learning fill me with joy, too.

I give thanks for Zoe’s joy and excitement, and for the wonderful teachers, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, cafeteria workers, and others who nurture and guide her and her classmates each day.

Speaking of back to school joy: check out this video from first-year teacher Dwayne Reed. The Chicago native, teaching in suburban Skokie, made this video to welcome his students to fourth grade. It is pretty much the best. (P.S. Click here to learn more about the t-shirt Mr. Reed wears in the video. Buying one helps send a kid to camp!)

In these days and weeks of back to school, let’s hold all students, teachers, and staff in our prayers (or our thoughts, or hearts, or wherever you put people who are treasured and important to you). It’s where they belong.

What was your favorite year in school?


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