Shape of My Heart

Sometimes, in the face of grief and loss, we don’t know what to say.

This is part of what makes me grateful for the liturgy–for the shape of worship that holds and carries us when we are too tired or too sad to walk alone. I have leaned into the Sunday morning liturgy in times of uncertainty and worry. The funeral liturgy provides this beautiful comfort and strength, too. Last week, we prayed and we sang and we commended a beloved saint into the arms of Jesus. We were sad, but we were comforted and held by those prayers and songs and words.

But liturgy isn’t the only tool in our toolbox. The day before the funeral, I walked into the church kitchen. This is what I found:


Isn’t it beautiful? There is comfort and strength here, too. We know that there will be orange and strawberry and cherry jello at our funeral lunches. We know that we will be fed.

And, we know that this dark cherry jello with actual cherries in it is the very best. (Pro Tip: If you are the pastor, you might even snag a bowl of this stuff from an empty table. No one at your table will complain about it, because they know you have secured the best jello for them, too.)


What’s your comfort food?



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2 responses to “Shape of My Heart

  1. I just finished reading “Liturgy of the Ordinary” by Tish Harrison Warren, and in that book, she talks about this very thing–finding beauty and holy rhythms in our everyday lives. That is where strength and hope are found, and it’s in the most “ordinary” and “common” things that God shows up most frequently. Thanks for reminding me that a Jello salad is proof positive that God does indeed provide. 🙂

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    • Jamie! That sounds like a great book. I love the idea of holy rhythms–I try to see the seemingly endless / repetitive aspects of parenting (bathe, bedtime, breakfast, repeat) that way.


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