Worth the Wait

Miss Hera Roberts posing on the deck of HNLMS JAVA

Dear people,

It has been a while!

I have excuses. So many excuses to offer you for my failure to post.

However, since none of these (really, very good) excuses are actually very interesting, let’s just skip ahead to the part where we’re back in the swing of things. It will be like Monday night’s dinner:

Usually, I cook something, Leo rejects it, and I give Leo a bowl of cereal. Since it was just the two of us eating at home last night, I skipped steps one and two (cooking and rejection) and went right to step three (cereal for dinner). Leo still didn’t eat very much, but we saved a lot of time and effort. I’m calling it a win.

So. Mike and I took a trip to Chicago over the weekend. I attended Why Christian 2016; Mike explored the city and enjoyed Quiet Alone Time; and we went to opening night of Das Rheingold at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. It was an incredible few days of learning, listening, worshiping, reflecting, and just being together. We had whole conversations where no small child interrupted us. We ate in restaurants without children’s menus and we got to eat our food while it was hot and drink our drinks before the ice melted. You get the idea.

There are many standout moments from the weekend. Here is one:

Waiting for my husband at Big Bowl.

Couple dining in the Carioca Room of the Americana Hotel - Bal Harbour

I know. It sounds weird and kind of lame. But consider: I cannot remember the last time I met Mike at a restaurant. Since we are married and, you know, we live together, when we go out we usually go together. Maybe, if one of us is working later than the other, we might meet somewhere. But then the other one of us has brought the kids, and let me just say: waiting with kids is not the same as waiting without.

The restaurant was loud, but my table was quiet. I sat still, and I read the menu, and I kept my eye on the big plate glass windows in the front. And . . . I waited. I anticipated the conversation we would have, and the food we would eat, and the time we would spend together.

It felt romantic. It felt peaceful. It felt like a holy moment. Just me, my menu, and my anticipation. And it was good.

Cloud Room Menu, Seattle

What moment of anticipation have you savored?


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2 responses to “Worth the Wait

  1. Jennifer Olsztynski

    Just peaking in on my 37 year old daughter and watching her sleep following surgery yesterday. She is recuperating at our house. She is knocked out cold. I just keep going into her room, sit in my glider and watch and listen to her breathe. Not too much different from when she was an infant. I love being a Mother!

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