Too Much of a Good Thing

I love Halloween. Kids in costumes, glowing pumpkins, roasting seeds, raiding the kids’ candy stash. What’s more fun than that?

Last year, I loved it way more than Leo did. I forced / bribed him into his monkey costume. (Pro Tip: Saying, “Do you want candy? Yes? Then get in this costume!” is not bribery; it’s an incentive system.)

This year, I’m not sure how Leo feels about Halloween. But I know how he feels about his giraffe costume: he is in love. It came in the mail yesterday and he immediately put it on and wore it until bath time.


Giraffe sneak peak.

Then, he learned that he would not be sleeping in his “Mister Raff” suit.

People, he wept like it was going out of style.

This morning, I offered him one of his newly beloved hoodies to wear. He looked at me in disbelief and said, “I want the raff.”

“Not today,”  I told him.

Once again, shrieking and crying to beat the band.

I am so glad that Leo loves his costume.

I hope he can love it just a little bit less until the big day arrives.

What’s your favorite / least favorite thing about Halloween?

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