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There are many great things about being a part of the Cumings family, and chief among them is: gingerbread!

Every year, on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the cousins gather at Grandma’s house (conveniently located four blocks from our house!) to make gingerbread houses.  Real ones!

I should clarify: we gather to decorate gingerbread houses.  Grandma bakes the gingerbread and assembles the houses with her special concrete frosting.  She also provides most of the construction materials, as well as a delicious lunch.  See what I mean about the perks of being associated with this clan?

This year, there were three two-year-olds, each at various stages of tiredness, so it was even crazier than usual.  (By the end, Zoe was whimpering at the front door, saying, “I want to go home!” over and over.  Holiday magic, folks.)

But mostly it was great!  Zoe was way more interested in eating candy than putting it on the adorable graham cracker house Grandma made her, which is perfectly understandable.  The theme of the house her parents decorated was “Pile On As Much Yummy Candy As Possible”, so we were very proud.

And now, feast your eyes on some gingerbread photos.  And if you’re in the Litchfield area, come on over for a Mr. Goodbar.

Photographic evidence that Zoe did, in fact, do a bit of decorating.

Mostly, Zoe made sure all the decorations were safe to eat.

Candy! And, you know, a house and stuff.

A high concept commentary on the Vikings stadium controversy.

This one looks like a storybook gingerbread house, doesn't it?

A perfect little farm. I think Zoe would have loved to take this one home.

H is for . . . Hogwarts!

Harry Potter in wand to wand combat with . . .

. . . the most amazing tootsie roll Voldemort the world has ever seen.


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Trick or Treat

Waiting for her ride ("The wagon! The wagon!").

Zoe happily donned her bumblebee costume tonight, but only reluctantly left the house (there are toys there).  Once we made it to Grandma Vergie’s building, where a roomful of grandmas was waiting with buckets of candy and compliments for Zoe, however, she was all in.

We hit probably six houses between Grandma Vergie and Grandma Lexi, which was plenty for Zoe, who was delighted but stunned by the kids in masks (“I’m not wearing a mask!”), grown-ups dressed like witches, crazy lights, music, and decorations.  She made a pretty good haul.  I have already begun the selfless task of eating the candy that she does not like or is not old enough to enjoy.

I am such a good mother.

Greeting the trick-or-treaters at Grandma's house.

Happy Halloween!


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