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Say it with Potlucks

Here’s one way to say you care:

And here’s another:

Voetballer aan het koken / A footballer cooking a meal

Now, flowers are lovely, but personally, I think food is even more lovely.

As you already know, I love a potluck.  But in a community where being a vegetarian is definitely “different” (with the full Minnesotan intention behind the word), I never know how much of the potluck fare I’ll be able to enjoy.

After two and a half years here, there is almost always some salad or main dish I can eat. ( Sometimes it even says, “P. Maggie” on the lid.)  At Game Night yesterday, I was delighted to see deviled eggs waiting in the fridge and vegetable cream cheese pizza on the counter.

But then.  Then.  “That’s meatless chili,” the council president said, pointing to the crock pot I thought contained sloppy joes or some other beefy delight.

“I thought of you, so this is potato soup,” the other council president said, placing another crock pot on the counter.

“Oh my goodness, everyone thought of me tonight!” I said.  I might have blushed.

“Well, you’re loved!” was the gracious reply.

Thanks for saying it with potlucks, First and Beckville.  I love you, too.


P.S. You know what else I love, thanks to these fine people?  Pickles!  Read all about it here.



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