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Right Here Where We Live

Image from page 82 of "Catalogue no. 16, spring/summer / R. H. Macy & Co." (1911)

Have you seen Meet Me in St. Louis? The story of a mother, a father, a grandfather, and four daughters, all of whom almost move from St. Louis to New York City, but do not actually leave their hometown?

It is a pretty weird movie, but I love it. Judy Garland. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Homemade ketchup. Magnificent millinery. The horrifying antics of Margaret O’Brien. It’s all there, people.

Mike and I often quote the final lines of the movie to one another, because that’s just the kind of wild and crazy pair that we are. Here’s what happens: The family has made it through another year–they’ve escaped the move to New York City, Judy Garland and Margaret Bremer have found love, the homemade ketchup has the right amount of sugar in it, and everyone emerges from the house wearing fabulous flowered and feathered hats. They’re off to the World’s Fair!

As the whole impressively-hatted bunch takes in the wonder of the fair, Margaret Bremer says rapturously, “We don’t have to come here on a train or stay in a hotel. It’s  right here in our own hometown!” And Judy Garland, eyes shining, says, “It’s right here where we live! Right here in St. Louis.

I totally get it. It’s wonderful when the amazing things in the great wide world come right to your hometown. Of course, the World’s Fair hasn’t come to Saint James (I mean, not yet). But other wonderful things do come, or are already here. And as fun as it is to head out of town to do something special, there’s something even sweeter about finding the fun right here where we live.

right here.jpg

The star of the historical show. Isn’t it pretty?

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Slumberland Wonderland

Try before you buy.

We went Big Girl Bed Shopping yesterday, and can I just tell you: if you are looking for an indoor activity your preschooler will love, take her to a furniture store and let her run around and try out every bed, couch, and chair in sight.

Of course, we only did this because we were actually, you know, shopping for furniture.  I’m just saying, should you be in the market for a couch or a coffee table or even a coat rack, take your kid along.  Ours was delirious with joy from start to finish.

Plus, we found just the bed for Zoe!  We proceeded directly to Target, where we got two sets of sheets and a Percy the train pee wee pillow pet that cost more than the sheets (Zoe made all the selections, which is a little surprising since she does not actually enjoy watching Thomas and Friends, but there’s no accounting for taste).  It was a great family outing all around.

Now, we just have to wait until January 24th for the bed to arrive.  Zoe doesn’t seem to mind, although she did ask, as we drove away in our little Saturn, “Where’s the bed?”

All in good time, little / big girl.  All in good time.


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Big Diggings (Your Moment of Zoe)

So far, Zoe is much more interested in animals, vehicles, and construction than she is in princesses, fairies, or mermaids.  So imagine her delight when we woke up to the sights and sounds of what she likes to call “big diggings”:

After watching the proceedings from three different windows and the front door, we took the party outside:

"Stay on my lawn, you diggings!"

Yes, we brought camping chairs onto our front lawn and watched men dig up the road in front of our house.

And, yes, we were the only family doing that at 8:30 in the morning.

And, yes, if they’re out there again today, we will do it again.

Life with a two-year-old is like that.  And it is a delight.


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