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Trick or Treat

Waiting for her ride ("The wagon! The wagon!").

Zoe happily donned her bumblebee costume tonight, but only reluctantly left the house (there are toys there).  Once we made it to Grandma Vergie’s building, where a roomful of grandmas was waiting with buckets of candy and compliments for Zoe, however, she was all in.

We hit probably six houses between Grandma Vergie and Grandma Lexi, which was plenty for Zoe, who was delighted but stunned by the kids in masks (“I’m not wearing a mask!”), grown-ups dressed like witches, crazy lights, music, and decorations.  She made a pretty good haul.  I have already begun the selfless task of eating the candy that she does not like or is not old enough to enjoy.

I am such a good mother.

Greeting the trick-or-treaters at Grandma's house.

Happy Halloween!


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