Tastes Like Vacation

When I was in LVC, we took turns grocery shopping. We usually went in pairs. My housemate Katie and I were the shoppers the week we traveled to our quarterly retreat. This meant: road trip! More importantly, this meant: road trip snacks!

Katie and I went nuts. In addition to the supplies for our road trip PB&J’s (Pro Tip: LVC is not where the money is), we splurged on snacks. I don’t remember everything, but I do remember the yogurt covered raisins. Our housemates were horrified by the grocery bill, and Katie and I were probably never allowed to be shopping partners again.

There’s something about a road trip, though, right? And there’s something about a vacation. As a child, my sister and I were allowed to choose one snack at gas station stops on our family road trips, and it seemed incredibly decadent and fabulous. “We’re on vacation” is a constant refrain on Lux family vacations. We say it as we eat donuts three times a day or as we go back for seconds on the ice cream.

Mike and I have had a wonderful time on our mini vacation. We’ve had Indian food, pub food, Mediterranean food, movie theater popcorn, eggs our way. But check out the vacation snacks I chose:


Cashews and apricots and wasabi peas. Oh, my.

These are the things that looked good to me at the grocery store Thursday night. (Pro Tip: Because they are good, of course.) When we got back to the hotel, I realized that these are also the things that we snacked on (besides all the ice cream and donuts) on our most recent Lux family vacation. Apricots and cashews and wasabi peas just taste like vacation to me, I guess.


What tastes like vacation to you?



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