Let’s Get Nordic

“Pastors have to wear a lot of different hats.”

People say that sometimes. (Not just about pastors, of course.)

Well, today, this pastor is wearing an actual hat. And it is a little different:


Today is the 46th Annual Nordic Bazaar at First Lutheran. That means that all those pies and all that lefse will be sold (pretty quickly–so if you’re in the area, hurry over now!).

It means that lady pastors will join many other women in wearing little red hats, and man pastors will join some other men in wearing red cumberbunds and bow ties.  

It means that hundreds of people will come through our doors to shop, and eat, and visit, and thousands of dollars will be raised for the ministry and mission of our church, in Saint James, at camp, and across the world.

It means that it is noisy, and crowded, and hard to get anything else done.

And you know what? I love it. I love the noise. I love the crowd. I even love the little red hat that countless faithful women have worn before me. (Pro Tip: Best not to think about that part too hard.) I love that so many of the women and men of this congregation work so hard and serve so faithfully to make this day happen. I love the way they share their gifts with the community and the world.

So if you’re in or near Saint James today, come on over! And if you’re unlucky enough not to be in the area, be on the lookout for the faithful service (and maybe also the little red hats) where you are.

nordic lunch.jpg

What tradition do you love?


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4 responses to “Let’s Get Nordic

  1. I love church bazaars!!! I go to as many as I can this time of year. But, unfortunately, I am no where near you and will have to miss this one.

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  2. Susan

    Maggie, there is a Donald Trump ad showing up underneath this blog post. That is the last thing I would expect to see under your blog post about lefse and pie and the Nordic Bazaar. Bizarro.


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